Friday, April 10, 2015 Going to the Mega

Woke up:                     La Cruz, Mexico

Went to sleep:             La Cruz, Mexico

Going to the Mega  

Pure bliss is shopping at the same store twice.

After yoga, I walked two blocks away from the marina and within five minutes climbed into a bus headed to the Mega.  Nine pesos ($0.65).  A short while later I hollered, “Aqui, por favor.”  “Here, please.”  The driver pulled to the side of the road and I jumped out.  An elevated pedestrian bridge crosses over the highway and I descend the stairs into the parking lot.  The parking lot is covered to keep the parked cars cool.


The grocery store is delightfully air conditioned.  I could walk up and down every aisle in this store all afternoon.  I think I will.  I am required to leave my back pack at the courtesy counter and am given a claim check to use to retrieve the bag later.

A young man welcomes me, hands me a diagram of the store layout and explains the bakery is to the right, the meat department is in the rear.  “If I can help you find anything, let me know.”

Throughout the store, lovely, young Mexican women carry trays of samples.  I stop for frozen yogurt on one aisle and kettle corn on the next.

I found everything I was looking for including Levi shorts.  I see women in Levi shorts and they look so comfortable, I just had to have a pair – or two.  As a bonus I am rewarded a free wrist watch for purchasing over $400 pesos worth of ropa (clothing).

The young man who bags the groceries works for tips only.  I hand him $0.20 pesos.  “Gracias, Senora!”

Two hours and $2,000 pesos later I am in a cab with my groceries safely in the trunk.

At the marina, the driver helps me secure a dock cart and loads it up for my trip down the ramp to the dinghy.  I load the boxes into the dinghy, fire up the engine, and face the bow away from the dock.

Back at Penelope, Peter helps me lift the boxes onboard.  I unpack the packaging leaving any and all cardboard in the dinghy.  We’ve been told cockroaches may live in the cardboard and enter the boat via the cardboard if I bring it onboard.

Even our shoes remain outside.  There’s a possibility you may step on a pregnant cockroach and carry the eggs on board, stuck to the soles of your shoes.

Here in this tropical climate, a person can’t be too careful when it comes to keeping the cockroaches at bay.

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