Saturday, April, 11, 2015 OMG!

Woke up:                     La Cruz, Mexico

Went to sleep:            La Cruz, Mexico


Our days are so full!

I started mine by participating in a 5K Fun Run organized by Amigos de La Cruz.  It was advertised as the “Zombie Run”.  Runners were given “lives” in the form of paper stringers stapled to an elastic waist band.  Those who signed up as zombies appeared in brutally battered clothing and gruesome bleeding wounds.  The zombies were to chase after the runners and steal their “lives”.  The zombie with the most “lives” (paper streamers) won.

The cost to enter was $100 pesos ($7.50).  The mission of Amigos de La Cruz is beautification of the community.  To date, the group has installed recycling receptacles and pruned the palm trees along the highway, among other things.

At the finish, the promotors and other participants applauded so enthusiastically I thought I had just completed the Boston Marathon, not just a three mile fun run.

After a cool shower, I made it to the VIP lounge just in time for Writer’s Group.  The assignment this week is to write an essay “Why I Write.”  Good question.

Birthday Rouladan

Today is Steve’s birthday.  I wanted to have Steve and Janny over for dinner to celebrate but their 43’ catamaran is so much roomier than little Penelope we decided to eat at their house.

In the afternoon I made rouladan.  Rouladan is a German dish my Oma used to make for me on my birthday.




1-1/2 lbs. flank steak, tenderized and cut into 1” x 6” strips

1 package Bacon

1 onion


Tooth picks


Lay each strip of steak out flat.  Place a piece of bacon and a slice of onion on each.  Roll the steak lengthwise and secure with two toothpicks to hold the roll together.  Lightly flour the roll and brown in oil.  Add water and cover.  Let simmer 40 minutes.  Prepare gravy with the meat dripping.  Serve with noodles or potatoes.

I packed the rouladan, gravy and spinach salad into a bag and we dingied 100 yards across the bay to Living Free.

Janny had baked brownies for dessert.  It was a fine celebration for Steve’s birthday.

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