Sunday, April 12, 2015 Road Trip to Yelapa

Woke up:                     La Cruz, Mexico

Went to sleep:            La Cruz, Mexico

Road Trip to Yelapa  

Back in 1581 King Philip II of Spain granted the property rights of this territory to the indigenous people of Yelapa.  The land here is owned by the community and no one person or family privately “owns” the land they live on.

Early this morning we weighed anchor for a “road trip” to Yelapa, 15 miles across Banderas Bay.  Typically, winds are light in the morning so we motored, charging the batteries and making water on the way.

Yelapa is a small fishing village with a golden sand beach and towering lush green mountains on either side.  The beach is bisected by the El Tuito River.

As we entered the bay we were greeted by Manual in his ponga.  The water off the beach is too deep (200’) to anchor so mooring balls – or rather, a bundle of milk jugs secured to the bottom – are available to rent.  Manual said the cost to rent a mooring ball was $200 pesos.  I said, “Too much.  Let me think about it.”  He said, “How much do you want to pay?”  I said, “One hundred fifty pesos.”  “Okay.” he said.

Once tied to the mooring ball Manual delivered us to the beach and we started our 2-mile trek to the 65-foot cascada, or waterfall.  There are no roads into or out of Yelapa.  Therefore, there are no streets or cars in the village.  We walked along concrete imbedded river rock paths about 6-foot wide.

The "streets" of Yelapa

The “streets” of Yelapa


The Cascada

The Cascada

On our return, I heard the bell toll to announce the start of Mass.  I told Peter I was going to step inside and I’d meet him on the beach in a while.  Although, I understood very little of what they were saying, the service was sweet.  The children, all dressed in their Sunday best, trying their hardest to behave for one hour.  The music was uplifting and the congregation sang out with joyful voices.


We left soon after lunch, raised all three sails before we were even out of the bay and sailed all the way home.  It was a glorious sail with perfect wind out of the south.  We soared across the bay at over seven knots and took less time on the return trip than on the way there.

Peter was showing off as we entered the anchorage and didn’t lower the main sail until we were almost to our resting place.  Our friends, Mike and Jodi, aboard Against the Wind shot this picture.

Just the main sail up

Just the main sail up

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2 Responses to Sunday, April 12, 2015 Road Trip to Yelapa

  1. Was in Yelapa in 1966! No houses, just palm roofed huts (one with a suspicious red bearded man) and a sandy floored palm thatched bar on the beach with baby pigs running around. Good to hear still no roads in. A scene from Night of the Iguana was filmed here. Carol


  2. Darrell says:

    Loved every minute of our Stay in Banderas Bay…from La Cruz to Puerto Vallarta to our day trip at Los Arcos. Take the bus to the surfing Village out on the NW corner of the bay…forgot the name, but it was worth the trip.


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