It’s Why I Write

Woke up:                     La Cruz, Mexico

Went to sleep:             La Cruz, Mexico

It’s Why I Write                        

By nature I am an extrovert.  The definition of an extrovert is “an active sociable person; someone who derives energy from their interaction with others.”

Every day, throughout the day, while drinking coffee with my husband on the settee, taking the dinghy into the marina from the anchorage or finding a lost puppy and returning him to his owner, I feel a compelling desire to tell someone about it.

I’m like a child coming in after school, “Mommy!  Mommy!  Guess what happened today.”

By nature, I am also an athlete.  The definition of an athlete is “someone who benefits from movement and physical activity.”  I was a runner for 30 years.  I derived vast amounts of energy, weight management and endorphins from my life as a runner.  My running has slowed over the years but I’ve found the exercise of writing words on paper resembles physical exercise, if only for the brain.

I write some words on the page.  I read them back in my mind.  I substitute one word for another.  I change the order of the words.  I expand on an idea.  I read the words again.  My brain feels massaged and invigorated by the process.

Perhaps in another life I was a cat.  I seem to be curious about everything.  What is it?  How does it work?  How did it get here?  What are they doing?  Why are they doing it?  I want to know everything about everything.  Yesterday I wrote an article for the Vallarta Tribune.  The subject of the article is the nonprofit organization Amigos de La Cruz.  I started by unravelling the history of the group.  Then I sorted through who’s who and the events they’ve sponsored.  After a while I had this big unknown organized into something manageable; something I could wrap my head around and understand.  It was fun.  I’ll let you know if it gets published.

Recycling Container

Recycling Container

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