Saturday, May 30, 2015 Underway

Woke up:                     Underway

Went to sleep:            Bahia Santa Maria, Baja California Sur, Mexico


In this time zone, at this latitude, the sun emerges around 6:36 am.  I believe its Saturday.  (I noticed I had the date wrong on a previous post.  Woops!)

I’ve always been a morning person.  My favorite part of an overnight passage is 4 am.  I’ve just awakened from four hours of solid sleep.  I feel refreshed.  The coffee is hot.  Lots of superb ideas scuttle through my brain.  I wait in joyful anticipation for the new day laid out before me.

Another beautiful sunrise

Another beautiful sunrise

I’m wondering what Peter thinks about when he is alone on watch.  I doubt if he’s pondering people he knows, conversations he’s had or what to fix for breakfast.  He’s more likely contemplating a two speed self-tailing winch.  I imagine he sees through the cast bronze housing and visualizes the rollers, bearings, bushings, pawls, gears, and springs found within.  He’s probably thinking this one is due for an overhaul.

Two speed, self tailing winch

Two speed, self tailing winch

What a Difference a Few Degrees Makes

Way down south in La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, it gets so hot this time of year you can’t walk barefoot on Penelope’s teak deck without getting third degree burns on the souls of your feet.  Last week, I slept fitfully in a pool of sweat with six fans aimed squarely at my torso.  La Cruz is latitude 20 North, about the same as Hawaii.

This morning, waking up at latitude 24 North, I shiver in the cockpit dressed in shoes, socks, long pants, sweatshirt and a wind breaker.  I haven’t worn shoes since Christmas.

The water is cold, maybe 70 degrees F.  This is a good thing.  Tropical storms and hurricanes need warm water to survive.  We want to be far, far away from warm water.

It will be interesting to watch the 2015 Mexican hurricane season.  The forecasters are predicting more storms, greater intensity and a longer season.

I’m so grateful we decided to get the heck out of Dodge.

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