Saturday, June 13, 2015

Woke up:                     Ensenada, Baja Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep:            San Diego, California, USA

Back in the US of A

Today we completed the last leg of our 1,200+ mile voyage from La Cruz de Huanacaxtle, Nayarit, Mexico to San Diego, California, USA.

What a trip.  I suggested next year we ship Penelope home.  Peter said, “He would think about it.”  I said, “Can you say ‘crew’?”  If we decide to do this again I think he’ll have to find folks to help him while I wait patiently stateside.

We’ll be in San Diego by 5:00 pm, Pacific Standard Time.  Today is a happy/sad day. There are so many things about Mexico we love and so many things about America we love.

Positive/Negative Aspects of Mexico

Beautiful/mountainous/ocean/sunsets/sunrises, sporadic internet, no opportunity for employment, cheap groceries, no postal service, readily available public transportation, super friendly, happy people, dirt cheap health care, far from friends and family, expensive diesel.

Except “beautiful/mountainous/ocean/sunsets/sunrises” which of course is true in the United States, the opposite can be said for each of these in America.  Plus, I’ll have to start doing my own laundry.  In Mexico I simply drop it off at the lavenderia.  She washes, dries, folds and returns it to our boat for about the same as a coin operated laundrymat.

We have mixed emotions.  Today we are both happy and excited to spend the summer at Chula Vista Marina in San Diego but sad to say good-bye to the many bueno amigos we’ve made in Mexico.

We’ll Be Back

Our plan is to join the Baja Ha Ha again this year.  We’ll leave San Diego October 26 and travel to Cabo.  It’s funny.  Last year we were extremely nervous about signing up for the Ha Ha early enough to guarantee a slip in Cabo.  Now that we know Cabo, this year we are not interested in a slip.  We will plan to anchor out.

Unlike the steep learning curve we’ve been through, next year it will be ultra-easy to visit the places we’ve been and add a few more with much more ease and grace, knowing what we know now.  What a difference a year makes.

Hundreds of Dolphins

The ocean is like a mirror, reflecting the clouds above.  This flat water is an early Christmas present.  We are surrounded by 100’s of dolphins.  I hear Peter in the cock pit laughing.  There are scads of them all around as far as the eye can see.  The water is churned up from their movement.  Sometimes a lone dolphin will leap 3-feet out of the water as if to say, “Look at me!  I can fly!”  Others stay close together in pairs.  Others swim in a group like a family.  They come near to the boat and play in the bow wake for a while and then swim off as if they are bored.  They are all going our way, like a police escort, guiding us to San Diego.

Yoga at Chula Vista Marina

I’ve already procured a position teaching yoga at the Chula Vista Marina in exchange for a portion of our moorage.  I’ll be offering three levels.  “Easy Stretch”, “Beginning Yoga”, and “Yoga”.  Plus, I’m thinking of “restorative yoga” on Fridays.  I assume I’ll have a lot of old (like me) retired people so I’ve been researching yoga for seniors on line.  I’m totally excited.  When I can’t sleep at night I make up routines in my head.

Going Forward with My Blog

Because I enjoy writing and I always feel compelled to tell you what we are doing, I will probably keep posting to my blog throughout the summer.  I’ll be mighty busy, though.  During the 4-1/2 months we are here I hope to:

1.  Get in better shape, do more yoga;

2. Work on my Spanish each day;

3. Get a job teaching Spanish at a local language center;

4.Earn my 100-ton Captain’s license;

5.Earn my ham radio license;

6.Finish my article, Living on the Hook, and have it published.

But, for now, I think I’ll take a nap and wait for my “watch.”

About Susan M. Gierga

Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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