Sunday, June 14, 2015 Unbelievable Encounter

Woke up:                     San Diego, California, USA

Went to sleep:            San Diego, California, USA

Unbelievable Encounter

The first thing we were required to do upon our arrival in San Diego was check in at Customs.  We tied up to the police dock on Shelter Island and waited for the officials to inspect our boat, looking for contraband, oranges, apples, eggs or tomatoes.  They found none and sent us on our way.

Peter went for a run.  He came home with Mike and Jodi off Against the Wind in tow. They lingered to visit and tell us their experience bashing up the Baja.  While sitting in the salon, we noticed a gentleman on the dock admiring Penelope.  This happens all the time so we didn’t think anything of it.

After Mike and Jodi left and Peter went to take a shower, the same man came back.  “Hello?”  I said.  “Hi!  We used to have a boat just like this one.”  “Oh, yeah?” I said. “Yes, we sold it in Anacortes.”  “Oh, really?  What a coincidence, we bought this boat from a yacht broker in Anacortes.”  “Really?  What was her name?” he inquired.

You can probably guess the rest of the story.  The previous owner of Penelope came on board.

Later, we played a little trick on his wife.  As she approached the boat he said, “Look, honey, a boat similar to our old boat.”

She came on board.  “This looks SO much like our old boat, ‘Wishbone’”!  she said as she admired the teak and the granite countertops.  Finally, we let her in on our secret.  Like Robert, Stacie couldn’t believe she was sitting in the salon of their much beloved Wishbone.

We visited until nearly 11:00 pm.  They told us stories of sailing her in the San Juan’s and we told them about sailing on the Columbia River and the Oregon Women’s Sailing Association.  They admired the work Peter has done, including the titanium chain plates, and said, “We are thrilled you are the people who have her now.”

It turns out the original owners kept her in dry storage most of her young life and infrequently sailed her on Flathead Lake (fresh water).  This explains the excellent condition of her exterior teak and interior.  We also learned the engine was rebuilt 1,000 hours before we bought her.

We were delighted to meet her previous owners.  We exchanged contact information and promised to stay in touch.  An unbelievable encounter following our outstanding ocean odyssey.

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