Saturday, August 22, 2015 Peter’s Projects

Woke up:                    Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California, USA

Went to sleep:           Chula Vista Marina, Chula Vista, California, USA

Peter’s Projects

For every home improvement project Peter identifies, he is sucked backward by one or more repair requirements.

He was busily rewiring each of the overhead dome lights, having found some charred wires, and installing LED bulbs as he goes, when the refrigeration raw water cooling pump seized up.

Overhead fixtures

Overhead fixtures


Charred wires leading to rewiring of each receptacle

Charred wires leading to rewiring of each receptacle

It appears a microorganism, small enough to pass through the protective screen, took up residence within the impeller housing, and grew up. Once it achieved the size of a dime, the impeller ceased to rotate. The new diaphragm style pump, no rotating parts, arrives on Monday.

Accessing the refrigeration pump

Accessing the refrigeration pump

After refocusing on installation of the LED light strips in each stateroom, he observed the solar panel charge controller was not operating properly. Employing his trusty Ohm meter, he determined the charge from the panels to the offending device was adequate but the charge into the batteries was minimal. The manufacturer sent a new controller. Same problem. Could the problem lie within the house battery bank? After days of trouble shooting, new AGM Lifeline batteries are on their way.

Finally, returning to the original project, the switch intended to operate four LED light strips independent of each other, actually turns all four circuits on or off together. Back it goes to the manufacture.

Too many projects

Too many projects

I cherish instant gratification. Watching Peter’s multiple projects unfold, overlap, back track, get side tracked, and inch forward over a period of weeks drives me bonkers. I listen to his description of the technical details and my eyes glaze over.

My only salvation is a long, slow inhale through the nose, followed by a long slow exhale through the nose. Like I tell my students, “Find comfort in the breath.”


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