November 2, 2015 Another Pounding

Woke up:                    Underway

Went to sleep:           Bahia Santa Maria, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Sometimes I have to ask myself, “What part of this is fun?”

The first half of the leg from Turtle Bay to Santa Maria was bruttle. The wind was lovely.  Eighteen to twenty knots out of the northwest, blowing us directly to our destination at 7 – 8 knots. But, the sea state was a nightmare.  Ten to twelve foot rollers about ten seconds apart.

Penelope was lifted up in the air twelve feet then she slid 12 feet to the trough below, over and over and over. In between, she got a little sideways slap on the beam just to make sure every single thing we own made its way to the floor and no one got any sleep.

To answer my own question, today the ocean is flat. We’re motoring peacefully at 5-1/2 knots.  Peter is sleeping.  I am lounging in the cockpit surrounded by a bottle of chilled water, a collection of crossword puzzles, Spanish for Gringos Level One and a recent Yoga Journal.  I can’t decide where to begin enjoying my time.

Bahia Santa Maria

About 600 nautical miles south of San Diego is a little known bay, Bahia Santa Maria.  There is nothing there.  A few fishing shacks but little else.

Every year, to celebrate the Ha Ha, nearby residents travel from miles away with generators, 1,000 cases of beer, fish dinner and all the trimmings and provide us a party.

Early in the morning I went for a challenging hike up the mountain.  Later in the day I took a ponga to the beach party and Peter came via SUP.

Hiking Above Bahia Santa Maria

Hiking Above Bahia Santa Maria

The Ha Ha Fleet Below

The Ha Ha Fleet Below

A Ride to the Beach, Por Favor

A Ride to the Beach, Por Favor

Plenty of Music, Sun and Fun

Plenty of Music, Sun and Fun

Sun Sets on Bahia Santa Maria

Sun Sets on Bahia Santa Maria

I have to mention Peter’s attempt to “surf.”  He has never actually done it before and he only got his SUP this summer but he gave it the ol’ Gierga try.  He was pummeled no less than 100 times.  He coined the phrase “Wild Rumpus” and continued to declare his experience this way for days.

He describes it as very much like golfing.  Once you hit one, solid, awesome shot you feel compelled to come back to try it again and again and again.  No doubt he’ll be an expert soon.

About Susan M. Gierga

Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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1 Response to November 2, 2015 Another Pounding

  1. elinorec says:

    Susan, enjoyed reading your descriptions of the Baja Haha – fun to see another perspective on the same trip we took! While I took it all in as a wide-eyed cruising newbie, you are the wizened sailor this time around. Nakamal, John and I are in San Jose del Cabo now, and it looks like we’ll take advantage of the weather window this weekend to skip over to Mazatlan, then start our trip south. Sadly, we are skipping La Paz this time around but plan to be there in the spring. Hope to see you and Peter down the line! Elinore C


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