Sunday, October 25, 2015 Living In A Tree House

Woke up:                    Local Boatyard, San Diego, CA, USA

Went to sleep:            Local Boatyard, San Diego, CA, USA

Living in a Tree House

For two nights we had to climb a 16-foot ladder to go to bed. Penelope is resting on metal braces 20-feet in the air.  Of course, this means no running water and no toilet.

I returned from Boise late Saturday evening. Peter made me wash my face and brush my teeth in a bucket.  Despite the increased lack of amenities, I was happy to be home even though home feels more like a tree house than a boat.

In the morning, I put everything back in its proper place and cleaned house. Peter accused me of “causing trouble” once again when I ran water to do the dishes in the sink, forgetting the water drained from the sink to the concrete slab below.

Two of my friends, Lisa and Isabele, drove all the way from the Chula Vista Marina to take me to Costco even though neither of them needed anything from Costco.

Friends Come To Help

Friends Come To Help

I momentarily forgot they have grocery stores in Mexico and purchased almost too much to stow. Beans and rice, pasta and pesto, crackers and cheese, fruit and vegetables, and, of course, animal crackers for Peter’s midnight to 4:00 am watch.

Lisa, Isabele and I relayed the many bags of food up the ladder. I am so grateful for the ride, the help, and their friendship.  I hope to see both of these fine gals down the way one day.

Provisioning for our trip down the Baja Peninsula

Provisioning for our trip down the Baja Peninsula

Many of our other new friends from cruising in Mexico and San Diego came out to assist and to say so long. John and Ofilia, Takae and Richard, Steve and Janny, James and Kristine, Robert and Stacy each helped with last minute errands and chores.  Thank you, John, for hoisting Peter up the mast to install the new VHF antenna.  This is one chore I dread.

John and Ofelia at the Ha Ha Party

John and Ofelia at the Ha Ha Party

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