Thursday, October 29, 2015 Leg One of the Ha Ha

Woke up:                    Local Boatyard, San Diego, CA, USA

Went to sleep:           Bahia Tortugas, Baja Sur California, Mexico

I’m happy to report, we completed the first leg of the Ha Ha from San Diego to Bahia Tortugas without incident. We hear reports from other cruisers of failed auto pilots, broken halyards and lost electronics.  I am eternally grateful for Peter’s chronic diligence and insistence we buy quality components.

It took approximately 72 hours to cover 360 nautical miles, averaging about five knots; round the clock from noon on Monday to noon on Thursday.

The wind was primarily out of the northwest and our destination was to the southeast so we had the wind precisely on our stern. This is a difficult point of sail.  If you try to hold too close to course the sails flog noisily.  If you veer too far off course, the boat goes faster but you’re going the wrong direction.  It’s a constant struggle to find the ultimate point of sail.

Our four hour watch schedules work well. I enjoy my early morning shift and Peter loves sailing through the night when I am asleep and everything is quiet except the wind and the waves.

This is our third time in Turtle Bay so we know the area well. We saw locals who remembered us from last year and stopped to say hello.

Peter played in the annual baseball tournament. Again, the locals defeated the cruisers by a very large margin.

Championship Baseball Game in Turtle Bay

Championship Baseball Game in Turtle Bay

Peter Broke His Paddle

I have to admit, it pays to pick up junk once in a while.  Last year in Santa Barbara, Peter found a rudder floating on the water.  This thing was disgusting.  The wooden rudder was rotten and had several decades of barnacles and algae growth.  It wreeked.  Peter insisted we drag it home behind the dinghy.  I was furious.  He disassembled it, threw away the wooden parts and stowed the metal brackets.  I simply fumed.

Yesterday, while paddling his SUP, Mr. Hulk broke his paddle.  I’m sure you’ll agree, a SUP without a paddle is no use.

“No Problemo!”  I towed him home and he got to work building a new paddle.  Turns out he had found the useful end of an old plastic oar floating in the water a couple thousand miles ago.  He had it stowed behind the settee.  Using a hack saw, two part epoxy, a battery powered drill and set screws he was able to fabricate a new paddle.  I can no longer complain of the treasures he brings home.

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  1. Lisa Diel says:

    Great!!! Glad you made it. We are nearing leaving by the 10th of November. Hope to see you in Mexico at some point in time!! What is your MMSI for DSC calling? or is there a better way to find you? Lisa and Don Diel


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