Wednesday, October 21, 2015 Peter Has His Own Troubles

Woke up:                    Local Boatyard, San Diego, CA, USA

Went to sleep:            Local Boatyard, San Diego, CA, USA

Peter Has His Own Troubles

Six days prior to our planned departure, Peter delivered our boat to a San Diego boat yard for bottom paint. Routine maintenance performed semi-annually.

Prior to the crew lifting her out of the water, Peter instructed them on the proper location for the lifting straps. He encouraged them to tie the two straps together to avoid slippage.  While Peter briefly turned his back, the yard workers proceeded to lift Penelope out of the water by her propeller shaft.  You can imagine what 34,000 pounds will do to a 1-1/2” diameter shaft.

Their inattention resulted in the yard laborers and Peter having to madly scramble to replace the shaft, the cutlass bearing, and the packing gland in record time. This catastrophe resulted in our good fortune, though, as we left the yard with approximately $3,000 in new equipment at no cost.

While the engine was apart, Peter pounced on the opportunity to replace the motor mounts. It was brilliant and decisive on his part to replace these critical and vulnerable items while he had access, time and resources.


Brand New Prop Shaft


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