Friday, December 25, 2015 Christmas Underway

Woke up:                    Underway

Went to sleep:           Underway

Christmas Underway 

It felt odd to be in the middle of the Sea of Cortez on Christmas Eve, through the night, and Christmas Day. No trees, no lights, no carolers, no presents.  I guess if you aren’t waiting for Santa Claus, it doesn’t much matter.

Christmas lost its appeal, at six, when my parents divorced. After my dad left, there was so much sadness around the house, celebrating Christmas felt like painting big red lips on a clown.

We finished up our business in La Paz Tuesday, December 22nd.  Salvador presented us with our temporary resident (four year) Mexican visas.  I had the stitches removed from my breast and received the pathology report.  I guess Chris was right.  All that money spent on organic vegetables was just a fucking waste of time.

We couldn’t think of a good reason to stay in La Paz through Christmas. Christmas in La Paz would only result in eating, drinking, and spending more money.

Santa delivered a full moon and a beautiful sunrise but very little wind. We covered only 50 miles the first day.

Beautiful Sunrise

Beautiful Sunrise

It’s fun to look back to special events and try to remember where you were that day.

I remember living in Hawaii New Year’s Eve 2000. I watched on TV as the world celebrated on the hour, every hour around the planet.  Hawaii was the last of the fifty states to enter the new century.  We sat on the beach in front of our house on Molokai, surrounded by burning candles standing in the sand, and watched the fireworks being shot off Maui.

I will remember 2015 as the Christmas we spent underway.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Have you seen SIYC member Adagio-Jeff and Jane Woodward. They posted that they were in Tenecaeta, too.


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