Saturday, April 9, 2016 Back On The Hook

Woke up:                  Tomahawk Island, Portland, OR, USA

Went to sleep:          La Paz, Bahia La Paz, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Back On The Hook

After three weeks in the US of A, I landed safely back in Mexico. It’s always nice to be home aboard Penelope. I put things away and organized, which is my forte, of course, and this morning we pedal/paddled around Bahia La Paz.

I’m definitely feeling the movement of the boat after being on land for three weeks. Also, Peter has a number of jerry cans, full of diesel, lashed to the lifelines and we seem to be listing several degrees to starboard. Peter doesn’t feel it but I seem to be leaning while walking from the galley to the head.

Christmas In April

The first thing I did upon my return to Mexico was go to the Marina de La Paz office to retrieve the Christmas present Rhonda Freeman sent many months ago. As hard as it is to believe, there is no reliable mail service in Mexico. The gift Rhonda sent arrived one day after we left the area. The wonderful folks at the marina were so willing to accommodate, they held onto it until now.

Our new Saturday Cups:

Our New Saturday Cups

Our New Saturday Cups

I hope these cups last as long as our original pair – 23 years. Thank you, Rhonda.

Friends and Family

I had the most fabulous time in Boise and in Portland as is possible.

I saw my mom each day. I ate in the dining room of the assisted living facility where she lives and vowed to do everything in my power to preserve my remaining brain cells. We took drives and stopped for ice cream. My mom has turned into the nicest old lady one could ever imagine. She says uncharacteristically sweet things like, “I don’t know what I would do without you here to help me.” It makes me feel like a million bucks.

In Portland, I crammed in as many friends as could physically be seen in 96 hours. I am so very grateful to Kathy Phillips, Cynthia House and Robin Smith who let me crash at their casas. It was either that or the Greyhound terminal.

Thanks to my gorgeous friends, Alex and Krista, who had me to dinner at their lovely home.

Thank you MSA for letting me stroll the corridors of the office for several hours and thanks for the hugs and well wishes of my former work amigos. I miss our coffee breaks, Daphne.

Thank you sweet Edie who treated me to her fancy, shmancy health club for a much needed soak and sauna.

Thanks to Bill who bought lunch sitting alongside the Willamette River on a gloriously sunny day. There is no place more beautiful than Portland when the sun shines.

Thank you Kitty for breakfast and chauffeuring me around.

Thank you Carol for driving all the way from Seattle to help me cook and clean for our party.

Finally, thanks to my Oregon Women’s Sailing Association (OWSA) friends, Liv, Julia, Carol, Chrissy, Lynda, Anne, and Kathy who made the arduous trip to the Island for my famous spaghetti. I love you one and all. My heart feels so full of joy, there are no words.

Changing Course

As many of you know, I’ve been finding myself more and more discontent with the “cruising” lifestyle. There are only so many hills to climb, beaches to walk, margaritas to drink, and fish to fry before a person determines to make an adjustment.

Peter and I have made plans, set goals, worked hard, achieved our desired results, made adjustments and traversed this life together for well over 20 years. Again, like always, we are both very excited about whatever path this course correction takes us down.

I think I want to teach. I have too much nurturing, too much creativity, and too much energy to squander what precious, healthy years I have left.

Sea of Cortez

Monday we’ll head up into the Sea of Cortez. We have yet to venture further north than Isla Partida and look forward to exploring new scenery. Knowing my retirement days are numbered, I think I’ll relax and savor each moment.

About Susan M. Gierga

Everyone already knows everything there is to know about me. I wear my heart on my sleeve. To learn current details. Visit my blog, CruisingwithCaptainPeterandtheAdmiral.
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3 Responses to Saturday, April 9, 2016 Back On The Hook

  1. marsea550 says:

    Anchor—- San Juanico, Bay of Conception–Coyote Cove, Agua Verde, Isla San Francisco—Winds here can be bad, Santa Rosalia and more……


  2. Lynn says:

    Welcome back. What a lovely visit; especially with your mom. Enjoy your trip down memory lane. You are so lucky to still have friends to visit, invitations to accept, and a exciting future to experience. I’m positive you will find the perfect teaching environment. Fair winds and safe harbors. We missed you at LCWG today (Saturday 9 April).


  3. she was here…missed that visit… The cafe and I will be patiently waiting for your visit. We may see you soon!


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