Tuesday, April 19, 2016 Peter’s Birthday In Agua Verde

Woke up:                  Timbabichi, Bahia San Carolos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Went to sleep:          Bahia Agua Verde, Baja California Sur, Mexico

Peter’s Birthday In Agua Verde

I believe Bahia Agua Verde (green water) may be one of our favorite places in Mexico.


This is precisely the place our friend, Krista, wanted to find. The water is so clear there is no need for snorkeling goggles, simply look into the water. The colorful saltwater fish are abundant throughout the bay.

Clear Green Water

Clear Green Water

Peter must have paddled his SUP a hundred miles today to celebrate his birthday.

Sunrise to Sunset

Sunrise to Sunset

I got up early to bake a cake. The cake mix I purchased at the local tienda recommended cooking the cake in a pan on top of the stove. I used a heavy metal sheet to separate the bottom of the pan from the flame. The cake rose in the pan three times its original height. I realize in hind sight, I should have greased and floured the pan better than I did. The cake inadvertently came out in three layers which I glued back together with the frosting.



I accompanied Peter round and round the bay exploring and marveling at both the panoramic mountains and the picturesque marine life.

On the water, On the land

On the water, On the land

About noon, I pedaled to the beachside restaurant to inquire about their hours. I was hoping to avoid cooking AND take Peter to dinner for his birthday. It turns out there is a funeral today. The restaurant will close at 2:00 pm. I expressed my disappointment and explained it is mi esposo’s cumpleanos and had hoped to enjoy cena aqui. The owner suggested if I can wait until 7:30 pm they will return to prepare chicken mole for us. “It’s a date!” I said.

El Restaurante

El Restaurante

I quickly pedaled home and ordered Peter to stay out of the cake. Then I pedaled around the bay, speaking to each of the people on the boats we know and invited them to join us for dinner and birthday cake. I pedaled back to the restaurant to make a reservation for ocho (8).

Dinner was superb. Good company. Good conversation. Interestingly, we sat down as four couples and shortly rearranged ourselves into the men on one end of the table and the women on the other. Weird, how that happens.

We sang happy birthday, distributed his pathetic cake and shared with the restaurant proprietor and her family. Our friend, Bill, from Adagio gave Peter a birthday present stating, “He had found gift shopping particularly challenging in this rural community.”

Anchored in Agua Verde

The Local Store

We returned home after dark. Peter on his SUP and me in My Boat. The moon was nearly full. A glimmer of sunlight silhouetted the magnificent mountain range to the west. We hovered in our crafts, looking skyward, reveling in the panorama of star shine. It was a stunningly nature filled day and a clearly, unusual birthday.


Anchored in Agua Verde


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  1. marsea550 says:

    OMG We just Love this !!! That restaurant is great, what a picture !
    We were there in Agua Verde two times!!


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