Handsome Peter

My very handsome husband, Peter.

Few of you know my handsome husband Peter is really a Kraut.  I know you know he is as stubborn as a mule and now you can understand why.  Peter was born in Frankfurt Germany, the only son of two very stubborn Krauts.  Peter’s parents, Joe and Siggi, were adventurous, too.  When Peter was three the family travelled by boat from Germany to Vancouver, Washington for Joe’s new position with Volkswagon.   I’m not sure that was the voyage that caused Peter to fall in love with boating and the ocean since, as I understand it, he was sea sick most of the way.  Nevertheless, Peter fell in love with boating and the ocean at a very young age.  He used to ride his bike up the Miami River, outside of Garibaldi, and fish for hours.  Over the years Peter has spent countless hours fishing.  He has always, always owned at least one boat – usually more – and builds boats and rebuilds boats as a hobby.  There is nothing Peter loves more than to be out on the ocean with the wind blowing his hair and sea spray splashing his face.


Growing up in Colorado, I knew nothing about big water or big fish.  But, I fell in love with Peter and figured, “Why not?”

This blog is intended to document our epic adventure sailing the oceans of the world in our 38′ Hans Christian sailboat, Penelope .


I hope you will enjoy learning about the places we visit and that we’ll meet up with you somewhere in our travels.



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